Finishing up “White Pearl, Black Oceans”

Chapter 8 is almost done and will be posted by the end of this week. Probably Friday evening, at the lastest. In other news, I’m writing up something… different, to sort of speak. The first chapter will be posted by the middle of this month. Enjoy!

Edit-duken! See, it would be funny if ya were familiar with the Street Fighter series… Anyways, I wanted to let ya’ll know that I created a new section called “Ramblings”. Which has nothing to do with being poetic or the such, but thoughts or feelings that I wanted to write down, no matter how insane they might be.


Edit-boom! Yeah, another Street Fighter reference… I’ll stop for your sake. As you might have noticed, I added another section called “Stories” with some chapters already written. Well, they were taken from some old docs that I found in one of my email accounts. I held onto them in case if I were to move somewhere else and have them ready to be worked on again.


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