My Dreams are nothing but a drop of fuel for a Nightmare

This story is based on the song “My Dreams are nothing but a drop of fuel for a Nightmare” by the Finnish power metal band, Sonata Arctica. Unlike most of my other fan fictions, this has only one chapter, and thus placed within this page.


I feel the paint on my face peeling off as I am laughing while all the beauty around me melts away into a pool of nightmares. It’s all around me, as far as the eye can see. I’m dressed as a clown, my balloons wither and die. Clothes shredding off my body. Now I’m naked. I hit the ground, but can’t be awoken. Stuck in this dream, must find a key to open the door of my mind. Stumbling around with tears covering my eyes, lost all sight. I feel cold air…

Falling after one step, landing on a stage with Shakespeare and company viewing me. A dusty flea talks with mix noises, my ears can not understand. There’s a seal, fly, and a spider dance around me, singing lyrics only a demon would love. All three going around me, never a moment to stop. I twist with anguish, but my feet can not move. I feel small twines of rope holding me together. A kitten comes out of the crowd, and starts to scratch me! I beg for help out to the audience, but Shakespeare and company refuse to kill the kitten from scratching me. I beg the kitten to stop, it looks up. It doesn’t have eyes. Nothing there to show a sign of mercy or terror. A silent sign of fate.

I close my eyes and yell for it all to stop. Silence. I open them with fear. I’m in an elevator, stuck inside, and still naked. Eleven floors there are, and I press the buttons for each one. Each time I press, a climate change begins. Third floor has a cool breeze, while the sixth are hot winds. Slamming on the door, crying to get out, I hear a melody playing. It’s all around me, paranoia welcomed. I can water drops, the elevator is getting wet. The entire area pops like a water balloon, flushing me downwards. I scream, yet nothing to be heard.

A painting below me. Mixture of colors, swirling with delight and hate. Love and rage. I hear a child crying. He’s holding a snake. Turning around, the child looks disappointed. I have no idea why, but the snake is not dead and yet it lays still in his hands. It’s eyes open, slowly the snake moves. I’m afraid, I move about, but to where? Anywhere. The walls closing in all around me, the snake gets bigger, the child is no longer there. Screaming and howling, nothing works. My body feels broken, my heart and spirit twisted, and my mind has snapped.

I built my own prison, nightmares surround me. They stare, breathe, whispers, giggle, smile, taunt, dance, play. The walls have disappeared, along with the snake. My tears have made me wet all over. Can’t keep control of my body, every step is a earthquake for my soul. I turn around to ignore the nightmares, trying to walk away in the darkness. They follow. Blocking out all noises, focusing on clarity. Serene and musical valleys I imagine, so vaguely and desperately. They still follow. Laughing at my own stupidity, I imagine my own end this very night. These nightmares are the links in my chain of life, bounding me to a terrible fate that I alone, could have created.

My heart is crying out, my soul begging for it all to end. They offer me a bitter sweet end to it all, it feels so sharp. I can’t pick it up, something else sings a melody out in the darkness. A memory. I turn around, gazing beyond the horde of nightmares, looking for that glimmer of hope. There it is! Sitting alone on a rock, singing such a sweet tune. It’s singing my life, of what was, is, and might be. Might be? I can not think of any other paths for me. Heart’s too broken to help, and my soul has gone astray. Is this mockery? I look at that sharp gift in my hand.

Throwing it up in the air, I run as fast as I can towards the memory sitting on the rock. The nightmares look stunned, they are confused. Grabbing and yelling, they all want me to stop, but I keep moving. Slowly, but surely I keep moving towards that shining memory sitting on the rock. I’m so close to it now, I can feel how warm it is. So close. They still follow.

I can’t believe it. Surrounded once more, they yell and scream in my ear. I have that memory in my hands, its’ beautiful glow covering my body. My heart is repaired, and my soul found the right path once again. How odd though, that I’m still here in the darkness but the nightmares are gone. I’m feeling brave, this strange emotion. The memory has given me back what I thought once lost, love. So long ago it has been since I felt this, for myself and for anyone. I step away from the rock, the darkness cracks. Crackling and flexing, this world is being destroyed.

Now there is nothing but light. Then, I hear the ocean and feel the wind gently breeze pass my body. It’s all so beautiful and majestic. The land ever green, the blue sky spotted with small clouds. This time, I don’t want to wake up.


While this story is the property of Eric McVinney, the title and references from any Sonata Arctica song belongs to Sonata Arctica. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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