The Vice

This story is based on the song “The Vice” by the Finnish power metal band, Sonata Arctica. Unlike most of my other fan fictions, this has only one chapter, and thus placed within this page.

11 littermates there were! All rotten apples, each with destinies and fantasies. Only #9 was the smartest, the strongest, the primus. All I taught well, but not all that I knew. Never teach one so much that he would one day over power you! Nay, for that would be too much trouble for one such as I. Already, people are after me. Hunting me for my land, my power…

#9 out of the 11 littermates is after my throne as well! Ha! I must have spent more time with him, for he bested every other littermate. Every trick, attack, and spell he knew all too well. In my castle is where we lay, and in my land is where we play. We are the hunters and you are the prey. If prey, just run, run, run. Never will you be the hunter, not as long as I breathe. Don’t turn around, keep running. Don’t fall down, keep running. Don’t pray, just be the prey.

#9 out of 11 littermates is getting more bold. Just a few days ago he attacked #7 out of 11 littermates with teeth ready and desire to kill. #7 out of 11 littermates survived, but now badly bruised, both his body and ego. He says that he will have revenge and I say let it be if you make it to that day. Always remember who did what to you, for karma can only go so far without a little push from someone else. Which reminds me, #3 out of 11 littermates needs to work on his hunting, for it would be a shame if he were to be the hunted.

#9 out of 11 littermates left us. He was staring at the castle gates for a while, then left. No word, nor mutter. All other littermates cried for him to come back, I barked back with let him be. For what I know of why it happened, there will be murder. This will not happen again, and the rest of the littermates will be his rivals. Years would pass before we hear from him again, and we would be here to give him a family welcome of horror and pain.

#9 out of 11 littermates fell in love! That is why! Damn fool fell in love with some one named Victoria. Got two other sisters, Dana and Asibela. Far away they are from each other, one with a shady past, and the other… a lighthouse? Strange to me, but for it is this littermate that I want to see. Never again will he love. No more room for that, not when there is anger and me.

#9 out of 11 littermates appears before us! Out on the lawn, beyond the gates. Love is dead in the littermates, for it’s hate that resides. I gave the order, they follow. Off they go! Bring in #9 out of littermates back dead or alive, does not matter to me how he arrives. I wonder if he still hates me…?

#9 out of 11 littermates killed all the littermates! Each fell, one by one. Every trap, snare, knife, and shot avoided. Never did I think he’d be this good, but it is something to be understood. So much time spent on this littermate, that was my mistake. Now he is on my doorstep. Time for monologue!

#9 out of 11 littermates knows I am insane, attack on a whim, risks never too great for me. Hate me, hate me! Old style love and fate are ancient and distant to me. I should have been drowned at birth, poison in my bottle, buried alive deep in the earth. Turning my weakness into a fine profession. Insanity and madness is a luxury, never out of style, never out of reach.

#9 out of 11 littermates comes to me, but without realizing what will set him free. Whipped out a poison bottle and drank before the meet, first act of this play. Now he’s near me, I can hear his heart beat. Words from his mouth obscure, never minding it all. He turns around, I get up. One step behind him, he turns around. Out like a light his eyes are, for in my hand is his cold beating heart.

This was the path I chose for me. Now I must start all over again with the game, one day a littermate might just be the leader of the pack…

While this story is the property of Eric McVinney, the title and references from any Sonata Arctica song belongs to Sonata Arctica. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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