Chapter 5

The black ocean tossed and turned, as if it were a giant trying to rise from slumber. Winds howled across the raging sea, calling to each other. Sharp on its turns, speeding through the sky, creating small hurricanes that soon disappeared. Emotions of hate and satisfaction filled both sea and sky, it would soon get its’ son back. Tidal waves formed up high like a tower and crashed with a booming sound. With each spray against the wind, words could be heard.

“My son” the black oceans cried out with asunder, “will be back into my arms!” Two huge waves formed up as giant arms and then came crashing down. The sea was alive for the moment at hand was soon to be hers. “How many years has it been since I have seen him with those wretched mortals?” it bellowed with a mighty roar, “How many moons and suns have crossed my body since that time? Answer me, mighty wind!” The wind started off as small whispers, for each breeze and blow were words from a part of a bigger entity. The whispers gathered together, and then ended with silence. The sea kept on with its’ anger, tossing and turning.

“I see what you can not, I go where you can not, and I hear what you can not” the wind said with a malicious voice, trying to intimidate the black oceans. “Do not patronize me, blasted thief of whispers and cries!” the black oceans yelled with her waves growing higher and higher, “I know of your sly ways and movements across this earth! Yet you are still so small and incoherent than most that roam on land and on me.” The waves calmed a bit and swirled as she took pleasure in saying that. The black oceans knew full well that she was the second oldest of this planet, the first being earth itself. “Amusing, but also true my dear sea” the wind said softly as it slowed its’ pace. Then with a sudden haste of speed, the wind began to circulate, forming strong gusts across the waters.

“A woman, a lover!” the wind cried as the hurricane held its position, “A mortal woman soon to bind your son to a horrible fate, that is what I now see.” The black ocean kept calm for a few seconds until gigantic waves rushed up to the heavens with a cry, “What is this?! A woman dares to keep him away?” and ended with the waves crashing down. The wind moved away from the seas’ rage and torment, away enough to still speak and amuse at the spectacle before it. The sea formed a tidal wave that collided with the hurricane, disrupting it. “Where is he?” she said with a commanding voice, “Where is my son? And who is this woman?” The wind gathered itself again, “South, in a small town there is a lighthouse. Within it is your son.”

The black ocean swirled even more about, as if it were thinking of ways to get him back. Then the wind spoke up with curiosity in its voice, “Why do you want something that you first rejected?” Every motion of the sea was still, until a wide and tall wave formed, but didn’t go down. Instead a females’ face pushed through the waters and spoke, “I did not reject him! The humans tricked him and my other children!” Laughter could be heard from the wind, moving about in a joyful motion.

“You dare to mock me, thief?” she yelled with her face bulging from the wave even more. “Nay, my fair sea,” the wind replied with its laughter holding back, “It’s just that with all your other children missing or gone, this one seems to be the most important. It seems to me you let them go.” The face stared at the hurricane, hesitating at the fact it knew the truth. Out of blind love, she had let go of her children to learn and grow out in the world. Now she wants them back for herself, one by one. Shifting her face slowly back into the wave, she calmly looked towards the south. “With all that they have done, be it misery or hope, pain or relief. It is time for this one to come back. I can not lay here undisturbed while my son walks towards his doom.” The wind blew across her face, speaking softly “I have a plan for that, but would you want blood on your waters?” She continued to face the south, then to the hurricane saying “It is only mortal blood, not my sons’”.


While this story is the property of Eric McVinney, the title and references from any Sonata Arctica song belongs to Sonata Arctica. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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