Chapter 8

The sea rang high, the moons’ light lit low. Standing there with a thousand voices screaming in his head, he gripped his head, trying to shut them out. No use, it was time. Time to face the harsh reality of revenge. No peace notes to be sung anymore for this man, this was going to be the final show. Everything will end, it is time. Still, he fears of what might happen if he goes back to the black oceans, to his mother. It was either the angry mob or her, both having sealed fates. A known doom.

Oh how he wishes for this all to be taken back! This one night to never occur, to have never met this woman. Too late to save himself, for the screams and cries from the town below are heard. They cry out, one by one.

Oh God, let it stop the man says to himself, but they continue on. The red moon was looking down to them all, showing the sign of death. No sign of mercy from the black oceans. The reef have tolled their lives. Unlike humans, natures’ laws are both fair and cruel. Black and white. No lines in between the words written, nor are there second meanings when spoken. Truth told before you, plain and simple.

The agonizing pain in his heart would not cease, it could be felt all over. He ached with pain, his eyes could not shed another tear. The man was dry and withered inside. The night was ending soon, and then the sun shall reveal all and bring the man down from his home. That was the moment, but the pain was too much to bear. No more tears, no more dreams. The black oceans has washed them away, dragging them into the darkest depths of her body.

Some one, save me is all the man could think about. There was no one. The woman near him was asleep, so deep in her sweet dreams. She couldn’t have known that this was her fault. No one knew, but only the black oceans. She slept soundly while he ached with nightmares, such a twisted moment. He wanted to wake her, but her face showed such peacefulness. Slowly and softly breathing, her chest rising and lowering in rhythms as well, like a weak but soothing motion. No more of this, she had to know.

Pushing lightly on her shoulder, she yawned, opened her eyes slowly, then looked up at the man with a smile of satisfaction. It wasn’t a fake smile, for you can see the twinkle in her eyes that showed happiness, splendor, and love. The woman wrapped herself around him, trying to fall asleep once more in his arms. Yet he couldn’t allow this, she had to know. Looking into her eyes, he wanted to hold back. Only tears ran down his face.

“What is wrong, my dear?” she spoke softly, “Is there something I can do to dry your tears?” She wiped away his tears, but doing so made her worry. Something most terrible has happened.

“Something most terrible has happened” the man said, “I can only blame myself.” And broke down once again, in her arms. “No one was there to feed the dying light” he repeated to himself. Reality rang loud to her just then, for she heard the cries from below. All around it was, the cries and screams. The blood-red moon with the black oceans crashing against the cliffs. As she crept towards the railing, her eyes widened when they met the wreckage below. The pieces of the White Pearl were scattered about. Not a sign of the crew, nor the animals there supposed to be brought with it. Torches held by the townsfolk moved about in search of any survivors, for that was the only light seen below from the lighthouse.

The woman opened her mouth, but the thought was faster to cross her mind. There wasn’t any light from the crystal to guide the ship to safety and yet the black oceans swirled about with more life than it should in the night. For a moment, she caught a glimpse of a face on the oceans’ surface, then fading away.

Could this be my fault? I should have known about the White Pearls’ arrival…

While this story is the property of Eric McVinney, the title and references from any Sonata Arctica song belongs to Sonata Arctica. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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