And yet once again I grin at Fate

Ah, to be in love once again. A dance I take part in Fate’s tale of the human heart with the Devil in his private booth. Though the scenes have been written for me, a tragedy set before me and yet I wield something no one can take from me. My will power. Such unimaginable strength that can break the threads that the Sisters of Fate sow within the lives of men. To hear them wail and curse at me brings a grin upon my face. To know of their hatred that one mortal broke away from their grasps and traveled upon a lone path of the unknown. No God, man nor beast can change the course of my set path.

Yet I still wonder as I walk along the halls of my memories painted on the walls, if things could go back to a time of where I was… innocent. Heh, what is innocence anyways? To be left out of the world filled with danger and chance? Eyes covered by a mother’s hand while she sings sweet melodies into your ear, and a book filled with knowledge in your hand that still hides truth from your mind. Read dear child, read from your “good” books filled with fantasy and child like dreams. Listen not to the words of the adults that dare to profane the innocent and life.

However, there will be a time where a bard will pluck from his lyre as he questions your past and hints at your future. Be confident in the choices you make and keep the wisdom you have learned from those who keep their eyes open and mouths shut. Life itself can be like a melody, you can either dance within to it with the bard or stand aside and watch life go by until the song ends and you with it.

Nothing in this world is more sacred and holy than one’s own will to live. Carrying on through the tasks and trials set before you, and then over coming them even at the greatest of odds will you then feel the world laughing beside you. Keep in mind though, at the end of this life there is more. Death is just another passage we all have to go through. Be it young, old, beautiful, wicked or good. Death is unbias and he will take you by the hand. So what left is there to do? Grin and laugh beside him.


This story is the property of Eric McVinney, and is intended solely for company personnel. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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