Can never give in, have to make it right

Can you say of where you’re going or where you’ve been? Can you tell me of the memories you cherish and those you want to have? Is it too late for you to give in or will you give in? Can you make your heart feel right or break down with despair? Something’s gotta change. Is there something wrong with what you have or where you are right now? So tell me before you say goodbye and look me in the eye, can you not give in and make everything right? To break down can only open old wounds and scar your heart to the point beyond recovery, beyond that of which love and time could heal.

Can you turn your back on your fears and continue to walk forward, with each and every step feeling like it could be your last? The taste of freedom will feel so good once you have it, but you gotta move forward. Do it. Keep moving, even when in doubt and the world has betrayed you. Can it really be all that hard once you have sacrificed it all for your dream? Life can be like that, but sometimes it can often be the roll of the dice. Just sometimes, rarely can you pick yourself up when it feels too much. But you and I, can get through it all. At the heart of it all, to the very core of making it through it all, you can become so much stronger. It’s your spirit that matures, so as long as you can keep moving, never give in, and make it right.

Light it up if you have to. Open that locked door in your heart. Confront what you hide and break down the walls that fear had built over the years. Light it up with the flame of courage within and burn down the walls, the skeletons, the beast of fear. No one can help you, for the Hell you went through can only provide you with the strength you gained by surviving it all. As I might have said before, keep moving. Again, we are talking about ramblings and deeper I go with my thoughts. Perhaps it’s a good thing to become lost for a while in order to find yourself. Take what you have learned with all the effort you have put into your life, that alone is the treasure you should not only keep, but to also share. Let others into the life that you lead by only being the person that has lived to tell the tales of your life. Never underestimate yourself with the gifts you have received, with all the love to give you strength.

Move, just move forward. You can never give in and you have to make it right…


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