It just keeps going and going…

Those days are now gone with the vibrant colors of life, childhood has left me many years ago with the labyrinth of a point in the middle of the road, but now I come across a bridge. On the other side I see something warm, mysterious, and flowing with wonder. Below, far below is nothing. No hole nor water, because those would be something. Just nothing. Is this all that fate has to offer me? Just a one way ticket to the next area of my life with no other paths to take? Perhaps I should be thankful for the times that I have survived and experienced what few could live through with the strength to move on. It always comes to this, a one way ticket.

What is the payment for living such a life? Is this the mystery of life that all have been asking? Sometimes time shows us the answer, or at least hints towards it. We just need to open our eyes before the end. It’s all too bad that it comes to working til we draw our last breath, because time catches up with us so fast these days. How often do we hear the promise of becoming young? Give it up people, you’re only delaying your payment towards the oarsman. As they say, life is just a phase and we should be thankful to live it while we can, no matter how we choose to do it. Scars that we carry from the times that we survive can only teach us to remember that we live. To find the Eden where all the power you wish is yours to control your life can be found within, though the abuse of it can shift the balance in favor of others. What is it exactly that gives us the notion to conquer and rule what we find?

Are we the fools who think that we shall take dominion over what we see? Too many questions to answer, but there’s one that we can live by and that is to live. Just live the life you want, without regret and with love. Love, now that is a word used too often. With the power you have, can you make someone love you? Can you force yourself to love someone you can not? Again, questions that can only be answered when the time comes for one and all. To ramble and question life is a gift that we should cherish, not hide nor fear. Open your eyes, your heart, and your mind. No one was born to be a master,  a slave, or to tell you the color of the rain.

I can only ramble for so long without the loss of my mind, that of which can easily spiral into deeper curiosity without a rope. Remind me of how life can be fair. Tell me stories of your life, the times you have survived. Only in your eyes can you see the picture I paint with my words, for it is all abstract in mine.


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