Never Really Got It

Just rambling on how I feel about the way things are turning out for me.  Which isn’t all that great, but can be improved.  What I am grateful for is the support from my family and my health.  Oh yea, friends count as well.  I’ve striven for perfection and that has had a devastating effect on my life – be it for good or bad.  Have I forgotten any morals or ideas that had set me on this path to begin with?  The ones told to you from the very beginning from those before you.  Perhaps, and maybe more (or less depending on how far you’ve come).

Maybe I need to take my life a bit more seriously, or not.  I’ve mostly been a “middle of the road” kind of guy.  So, did I waste away my talents and time?  Time, of course, is very important seeing how we all have very little of it in the grand scheme of things (i.e. the universe).  But talent can be changed and improved upon, and you never really “lose it” at all.  Think of it like a sword, which if you don’t use it, it will most likely get dull and rust.  But it’s still there, no matter how long ago you’ve put it away.  Something like how I’ve stopped writing for a while and now getting back into it.

Moral of this rambling?  None, really…  Actually, I guess there is one and that would be keep sharpening your talent(s), but take your time with it.


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