The Deliberate Machine

Ages went by when this machine stopped moving. Casualties caused by its wake, more when it the switch turned off, the plug leaving the socket. Can’t be destroyed, but can be used as a reminder of the darker times when events went out of control. Yeah, it can be seen as the only good thing that came out from the chaos. Lights would flare up from the glass hubs around its body, displaying visual pleasure as it would unleash an arsenal that only the Heavens would use in the Apocalypse. Sure, looks nice if you were standing 100 miles away on top of a hill – like watching a carnival from afar.

Pay no mind to the screams as it slowly paved its way to whatever destination it was programmed for. A giant walking, lit-up machine of color and death. I think the scientist had a sense of humor, though no one could ever guess what his intentions were. Anyways, here lies the robot, fast asleep. After all that destruction so many years ago, there was nothing left to do. Studying the after math was the only option it had left. People rebuilding their homes, starting fresh again with their lives, continuing on. The robot switched itself off, but left some part of it still running to keep a watchful eye on the world around it. Could it possibly understand the meaning behind the smiling faces? The tears of sadness? The proud and brave? From a machine that could wreak the sphere until there was nothing, could do nothing compared to the small that clung to life, trying to live on.

Many years would follow until it woke again. People stunned at the machine of doom and wonder, awaking after so long. Remember when I said it was the only good thing that came out of the chaos long ago? I meant that when it was shut off that it was the only good thing. So anyways, this robot has awakened and the people are thinking that it will go on another rampage again, but that doesn’t happen. What occurs next is that the robot stood up, looked around to see all the people gathered around it and then all the glass hubs that cover spots on the robot light up. Various images are shown like a light show, all around the robot. Images of festivals, murder, marriage, affairs, the joy of birth, and the silence of vengeance.

The people were confused at what was shown before them. The robot has been awake the entire time, capturing the moments that have passed since its slumber, and now presenting what it has seen for all. Was this to be some kind of method of judgment? Did this happen before? Is that why the machine went on a rampage? In any case, the robot stopped showing the images and the people looked at each other in confusion and horror. The glass hubs once again lit up with a strange mixture of colors, a humming sound along with it. The robot’s mouth opened up and a microphone popped out saying “Thank you for showing me what I was created for and now I must do what I was meant to do.”

The microphone went back in and out came the beams of light from the glass hubs. Buildings crumbled, people torn asunder and the ground shattered by the massive amounts of energy emitting from the robot. I could of sworn laughter was heard from the robot as it made its way around the city in a mad waltz fashion… Where was I at the time? On top of a hill, 100 miles away.


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