Fallen Cries

“Time never waits for anyone, but the dead can. The universe expands, but the dead never do. People think of new ways to better themselves, but do the dead? No, they don’t have to. They have already reached the peak of human evolution, death. People, living beings want to better themselves so that they can live longer, never have any fear to do whatever they want, and to never die. For what happened all those years ago, I can still remember my friends and enemies. I envy them, for their reward at the end and the sweet relief they also received. It seemed like only yesterday it all began and ended for them, and I knew it wouldn’t end there for me.

“The year now is 5887 U.E., well I know the Utopian Era is gone, but I like to keep things the way they are sometimes. Kaslin always said I was too neat and tidy with my work, but people do change I guess… I just woke up a few hours ago, and got dressed soon after. Damn radio still doesn’t work, and that cheap clock is still ahead three minutes. Back to the main subject before I have change the batteries. It all seemed like yesterday when it began and ended. From what I gathered from my former team of, uh companions, I am now going to start, yet again, a documentation of the events that happened in the last 2,102 years. It all began really when the prince made his father’s throne, his.”

Striding through the vast waves of various beings towards the center of the square, still searching for her pouch, Mariadis was not in the best of moods. Her short dark red hair got in her shifty eyes as she was searching for that pouch. It’s a sad thing that Gilfotians are near blind and especially for her since she has to wear these awful big-rimmed glasses. They always kept falling off whenever she looked down. Well, when you are handicapped in one area, you gain something else in another. Gilfotians aren’t just near blind; they are known for their poetic sense of justice, love for the environment (doesn’t matter which planet), and their crafty words in the trading business, or any other business for that matter. Having been born half Gilfotian and human, she has some good traits from both sides. She has the dark red hair; blue eyes and a nice smoothed curved body from her human mother’s side. As for her father’s side, she has those shifty eyes close to each other, those lush, and plume color lips, and those shades of green that cover from her feet to her head. For males of the Gilfotians, it goes light to dark (meaning from foot to head) and for the females it’s dark to light.

Mariadis is still determined to find that pouch because of the value inside. “Damn these glasses for all it’s worth!” She shouted out in a whispery voice. She had been going to see the doctor about these glasses, but he was always “busy” with the nurse. Not that Mariadis could understand what was going on in the other room in the doctor’s office; it’s just that she likes to think of certain events differently. As in she tries to believe that if a meteor hit the planet, it’s a good thing because that would cause her boss to say “Don’t go to work today because the meteor killed my cat” or something along those lines.

Trying to avoid the steps of passerby’s, she got a glimpse of the pouch sitting upon the bench next to the wall. “Damn myself for letting this happen! Why couldn’t Abevra do this mission?” She said with an angry whisper, trying to avoid attention from the people around her. If Joklian wants to get approval from the prince, then doesn’t he do this bloody thing? I cook, clean up laundry and do the dishes for what? “Well you’re best suited because we don’t have the face of angels and a body of a Quartian Beta.” That’s what Joklian said and if I had a few more seconds I would slap silly! A Quartian Beta body! And I’m not part Quartian, not even Beta.

Her thoughts stopped right when she heard the music of the Royal Darfkins, a music that drove fear into the hearts of all who faced them in battle and anywhere else. Though she didn’t get a glimpse of Darfkins, she was able to tell they were passing by because of the people moving away from the center of the square. Some of the crowds were cheering for them, while others hushed themselves from cursing the Darfkins. Cursing their name would be instant death if any Darfkins heard them, because they take great pride in battles, their namesake, and of course their leader, Drakol. Now that was someone whom even the prince would fear to insult and go into battle! Mariadis once knew a few Darfkins who choose to live with normal people instead of being on the side of Drakol. It’s not a crime to do so, but Drakol would make sure to remind you that you did serve him by severing a limb, or two. If you were a high ranking officer of the Darfkins, then you’ll just walk away with everything, but those were few who did.

Mariadis had a friend, who was in the high-ranking Darfkins, but he didn’t just leave Drakol, he started his own army to fight him! It took one hour for Drakol himself to whip out this army, and another to get new recruits. When the Darfkins passed by, Mariadis went on searching for the pouch, which was sitting right next to her. Getting the package was one thing, going to the upper levels of Bank of Kozal was another. The bank had its security guards, cameras and the High Agents, which is one thing her body could not convince. Oh I get it, if I just walk up to the upper levels the High Agents would just smile and pretty little me walk by in. No bloody way that’ll ever happen! High Agents are dead and have their way of knowing if there’s going to be a bloody problem coming around the corner! Mariadis thought with much rage in her mind while trying to get to the bank. Crossing the streets and avoiding contact with the wrong crowd was hard enough, living in a crowded city, not to mention a city where it’s the capital of 600 planets! Kozal was highly guarded by the security bots, in and outside of Kozal. As for the High Agents, designed from dead bodies and made to guard the prince. Although they are deadly, their not as deadly as the Darfkins, which makes the prince nervous every time Drakol comes to visit.

When she reached the door, Mariadis noticed that there was more security than ever, which meant that Drakol came to pay a visit to the prince. I don’t know which is scarier, the prince or Drakol. Damn myself for accepting this mission! But Mariadis knew that this had to happen sometime soon, but why so soon? Upon entering the bank, the nearest security guard came up to her to ask for I.D. and Bank Code. Having both were no problem ever since Joklian recruited that short tech kind of guy, Robert. The guards were wearing their traditional colors on their vests, white on top and red on the bottom. Normally they wouldn’t wear their vests, unless Drakol was coming. Curse Joklian for having me do this! But Mariadis had to contain her anger when approaching the High Agents.


This story is the property of Eric McVinney, and is intended solely for company personnel. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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