Chapter 1

In another time, a planet far and deep within the cosmos, is in agony. A war between the two major kingdoms. Thoruska, a mighty kingdom that has held its ground for thousands of years against the onslaught of demons and the undead. Its king, Zenister, saw that there is a power growing within the southern regions of his land. Whispers of hate and evil spread throughout the villages, soon to his ears. The wise councel of mages and elves knew all to well that something is coming to this planet and its beacon is to the south.

Meanwhile, the kingdom to the west called Nodstra has also heard of this strange rumor. Their king, Fawnred, knew that all of his enemies would go to claim this power, as he thought it were to be. Gathering trolls, lizard-men and men alike, he lead a great army to the gates of Thoruska while an expedition team was sent to the south. Little did Fawnred knew, Zenister did the same!

Two parties now go beyond the holy grounds of the Dragon Lords, through the Forest of Unrest and crossing the Canyons of Misery. Not knowing of each others presence, they are will soon have to face trails together in order to survive… Such bravery and honor for their kingdom, but will the faith in their hearts be enough? Or shall the dark clutches of doom take away their lives?

This story is the property of Eric McVinney, and is intended solely for company personnel. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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