Chapter 2

Thoruska’s chosen adventurers now set out and head south, and about to cross the Dragon’s Holy Grounds. Little do they know that Fawnred has chosen his adventurers to find this new power, and they are coming in from the west. It will take both teams two weeks to reach the holy grounds, and there is only one entrance. However, there is a law that all must obey within the Dragon’s Holy Grounds and that is no blood shall be spilt. For even if a single blood drop meets the earth by aggressive means, then a mighty and forceful calamaty will take place.

Consisting of Thoruska’s party, there is Lurin the human wizard, Ortix the goblin thief, Ceslia the elven warrior, and Winsed the elven alchemist. Lurin has served his time in the great Grey Towers of Lakriem within the kingdom of Thoruska. Spending his time dabbling in the arts of creating strong armor, weapons and food. Yes, food. Lurin has a high metabolism and having magic to create food was probably the best thing he has ever done for himself.

Ortix comes from a big goblin family in the mid-class area of the Thorsuka kingdom. Goblins have been accepted in the “normal” society for about 500 years, being cooks, jesters, musicians, blacksmiths, and even serving in the military. Their cunning and agility served so well that a special unit was created called the “Midnight Sliders”. Ortix’s brother, Fortik is a part of that special unit and sends back some of his pay to the family. There is still some tension between humans and the goblins, but very little to take much notice. Ever since the defeat of the horrid goblin king Mortok was slain by his one son Gotiv, the goblins have lost their blood lust and primative ways of living.

Celsia is the mid child of 7 children in a upper class family. Her father serves as the High Wizard in Thoruska’s councel and her mother works in a small bakery. Celsia’s siblings have gone off to have served in either the military, blacksmithing or working with their mother. She decided to follow the path of her oldest brother Avlato, who is part of the Knights of the Blue Lake, a very powerful and intimidating group of powerful knights. However she did not have the skills that matched her brother, but was able to find herself as a bodyguard for some royal families.

Winsed is small in normal elven stature. But what he lacks in height, he gains more in his intelligence. Ever since he was a child, Winsed would go to his mother’s cooking pot and throw in random ingredients to see what would happen. Often times there would be an awful smell, or a small explosion. There was this one time that he created a slime creature! He still keeps in in this big jar and called it “Pokey”. His father is a blacksmith for the Thoruska sword smithy and his mom works with Celsia’s mother at the bakery. Not best of friends, but Winsed and Celsia do often chat together.

All were chosen by the Cup of Destiny, held within the sacred chamber of the Grey Towers of Lakriem. The wise mages thought that it was an odd choice of a team, but they knew better than to distrust the decisions of the cup. Brought together by destiny, the four set out on an incredible adventure that will be written in the pages of this world.

Yet, what of the other party? That shall be heard in another time.

This story is the property of Eric McVinney, and is intended solely for company personnel. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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