Chapter 3

Running through the hills, valleys and plains Nodstra’s adventurers make their way with great haste. For their tyrant ruler will award them great treasure and promises if they have fulfilled their duty. If not, then it shall be a slow and painful death…

Like the other party, there are four adventurers. Maviar the human black knight, Reti Shox the Abyssian assassin, Valeria the elven archer and Yotar the half dragon half demon monk. An unlikely group that have sworn an oath to obtain this mysterious new power for their king.

Maviar is the mid child of five children. He was once a scribe for the sanctuary in his home town, but it was razed by a tribe of orcs. Those that were not slain were taken prisoner for food, rape or torture. Seeing his siblings slaughtered before his eyes and the rape of his mother brought forth a dark entity within him. An unholy power from the cosmos sensed his agony and bestowed upon him the power for revenge. At the age of 18, he became the youngest to ever earn the rank of black knight within the kingdom and most know that he will achieve the rank of Death Knight within a few years if he keeps up his work for the king. Tragic past and desired future make him thrive for more power…

Reti Shox is an Abyssian, a race that came from the dark reaches of space and time to find a new home. Their old home was dying due to an evil entity awaking from its slumber. Nowhere else to go, they fled to this planet in hopes of beginning anew. The Abyssians are a race of intelligence and grace, like that of the elves, but have a more grim outlook on life. Their skin color is that of light brown and light green, but their eyes are black as mid-night. Reti Shox was known for his deadly dark arts in home planet, and continues to thrive to become stronger in the service of king Fawnred. Though he is an assassin, he loves art and music. Such a strange heart…

Valeria is the only child of a upper class family. Her father is a well known politician and her mother works in a local pub for the royal families and upper class citizens. She fell in love with the bow and arrow at the age of 8 when her father took Valeria to a local party. One of the Fawnred’s archers was showing off his skill and saw in Valeria that she could be great if taught properly. Now at the age of 24, she is nearing her promotion to become one of the king’s personal archers.

Yotar, the half dragon and half demon monk. What strange tale could be said about him? A sad melody of loneliness and cruelty should only be sung about his past. 20,000 years ago during the war of the dragons and the demons of Hell, when Xanagotherias, the King of Dragons and Baxoolthister, the Dark Lord of Hell fought for power over this world, an outraged was heard and raged the dragons even more. Baxoolthister took the beautiful white dragon princess for prisoner and raped her on his throne of bones while the battle with Xanagotherias’s army was taking place! Outraged by this horrific sight, Xanagotherias gathered all of his strength and breathed out a holy blast of energy unto the army of Hell. But by doing this, his life force was fading away and using the last of it he asked the Gods of the beyond a wish for the white dragon princess’s new born as a being with a soul. Crying at this cruel twist of fate, the Gods granted his wish and Yotar was born with a soul, unlike any of his demonic brethren.

Now being at the age of 20,000 years old, Yotar has gained much wisdom and love in his heart. Peace in mind and strength in his heart, he devotes his time to protect the innocent. Fawnred saw Yotar’s might and asked for his aid to protect Nodstra and all of it’s people. Not knowing that he was tricked to serve a kingdom ruled by a tyrant, he accepted with a vow that can not be broken…

Brought together by the votes of Nodstra’s people, this strange party heads out for their goal without question. Glory, honor and peace. Such words for what Nodstra stands for, but what about Fawnred? What does this mad man have in store?


This story is the property of Eric McVinney, and is intended solely for company personnel. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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