To Those Days I Find Now

There was such a time from before, when last I had seen the tides bring in the glow onto the shores.  Leaving behind broken machines and dreams.  Once teathered to the support from those that walked, it has been at peace since.  Mirrored thoughts and reflection of what was and what could have been, lost in the breeze amoung the waves that shimmer so everyday.  Only would I have been there, but there isn’t a need to delve into the past.  All alone with their wreckage can I salvage the remains to build a better future.


A soothing cold surrounds my body as my eyes gaze up at the far distant stars, much as one’s hopes would seem in this land.  The blankets provide little warmth and nary saves me from shivering.  The embers are all that is left.  What tomorrow brings is the sun, and with it all the love and hope I need.  I am not alone.  Nights are often a time of dreams, before which we, both the moon and I, stare at each other.  Words are not needed for this particular type of friend.  It knows and understands, and will listen to every word formed in your mind and those that escape your lips.  Harvesting the emotions from my soul, do I see the intensity of its glow.  A response to what I want to hear in shades of white and rarely red.


Lifting the curtains of stars, the sun peeks through.  A soft “hello” before brushing off the dreams of night, and then a quiet rise from beyond.  The ocean brings about the breeze of chilling kisses, but shortly after they are as touching as slowly dying candle, and stays with you just as little.  This day, as many that have come to past, is given the chance of fortune, if one knows where to find it.  By the guiding light from the expansive beams of the sun, I find paths to take, but all of which I have traveled.  Plants, fruit, and even animals are found every once in a while amoung the ruins.  Within the light do they appear and fade away into the night.


This island is all I have left.  There was so much more, from that time before.




Stories of Skyrim – Ancalagon

Sorry for the massive delay and being absent for nearly 3 years now.  I’ll do better on posting writings and pictures 🙂

BTW, created a new category called “Stories of Skyrim”, and will star my current character “Ancalagon” (Tolkien ref).