Chapter 2

A solemn moment for the prince, as he prayed for the old man that he laid beneath the earth. An act of mercy was the last touch of hope for the old man, but the passing of the puppet renewed his spirit. The many shades of the red leaves had fallen all around, some covering the piled earth and on the prince’s shoulders. Why such sorrow for a man he had only met for a short time? He knew not of his name, no family to tell, nothing but the gift he had received for thanks. A slight cold breeze blew past his face, telling him it’s time to move on.  Brushing the leaves of his shoulders, the prince untied his horse from the tree and rode back to his kingdom.

There was a king for this vast land once, but his health had failed him, and along with him was his wife. The queen was stricken with grief and died shortly after because of her heart was broken in so many pieces. The days of gray skies filled the land with every moment of light to be a rare event. A sign of hope was needed to the prince in order to restore the life back to his kingdom. It’s not fair to lay such responsibilities on one so young, but it was the path that was laid before him. And yet, for some unknown reason, fires of passion stirred in his beating heart. His mind was clear when he was alone with the puppet…

The prince had slipped into a deep slumber that night, the world faded into silence.

I see you there…

The prince opened his eyes, but he was still dreaming. He felt the world around him flow with rhythm, mixed colors and moments, soon to be filled with the days of gray.

I’m already here…

He turned all around him but could not find the source of that calm voice. A bit sweet sounding, yet hid a meaning of twisted fate to it.

Some things are needless to say, but I say thank you for your act of mercy. And for that, I can grant you an aid for what ever ails your heart.

The prince had beckoned for the voice to appear in flesh, but it had not. Only silence from the world that should be creating noise and life around him, which is now turning gray. So, the prince slowly described his kingdom and of how those wonderful colors of love, life, and hope had all turned to rot when his parents passed. Days filled with colorless flavor and dull moments. The people had lost their need to go on, as the plants had gone before the animals did too.

Your days are filled with gray, as I had seen in your heart. Open your mind to me, and let me touch your spirit. As one with you, I shall give back those days of color and turn away that of the grays. But you should know, sacrifice proves its worth when used with all of one’s heart.

Couldn’t say anything to the realization that had fallen before him. It was all too clear, but it was so close to lose it all now. One with the puppet and all days of gray will fade…

To be continued.

This story is the property of Eric McVinney. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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