Chapter 3

10 years have passed since that night with the puppet, and the dream that had dragged the prince in had flourished in the real world. No more can a man see a shred of gray in the skies and all have grown back to love the sun and moon. Life that once lacked its meaning was brought back with the guidance of the puppet. The prince always had the puppet beside him, guiding his mind and heart. These colors of life, love, and hope were to last a life time and more. No more days of gray.

Animals roamed the kingdom and along with them were the plants springing back to life. The people were given a reason to live in their kingdom once again, giving back their love to the prince. News had spread quickly this change, which brought princesses from across the land and ocean. Seeing how this man had driven back the stark life that once claimed his lands by means unknown to the rest, everyone thought it was a gift from above. But yet, the prince had grown all too accustomed to the attention and became spoiled with the gifts he had received. During those 10 years, he had distanced himself from the puppet and the puppet from the prince.

One day, the puppet disappeared and couldn’t be found, despite the lack of effort from the prince, who had just wed and became king. To him, life was grand and the kingdom would thrive for many years to come, but somewhere in his heart he knew something was amiss. Every night, before going to sleep, he would remember that dream 10 years ago and how the puppet showed him how to rid the days of gray.

A sacrifice… What was it? The puppet mentioned a sacrifice that had something to do with one’s heart. That disturbed the king and called forth the greatest minds from all across the land and ocean to find out the meaning behind the dream. He had remembered every detail of it, word for word, all was etched into his mind. However, no one could tell him the meaning nor a lore or myth of the puppet. Most said that it could have been just his imagination and should forget that it ever happened. A simple suggestion to something that could wreck the kingdom and bring back the days of gray.

A child was born! A beautiful, sweet baby girl who the queen had delivered on her bed, which sadly, was to be her last rest. The king mourned for his lost love, but gave what remained in his heart to his child. By a glimpse into her eyes, time had passed and those eyes were the same, but the king had grown older. The people and all of his subjects still loved him and he to them, but truly felt that his heart could do so for only a little longer. The princess could continue on to keep the foundation her father had built, but not alone. No, the king would see that his kingdom expand and a grandchild to be born before the end of his days.

Messengers ran from the kingdom to others across the land and ocean, in hopes to find a suitor for a princess so fare. Many had arrived with entertainment, wonders found only in their land, and gifts of splendor. On a hilltop that overlooked the grand and colorful kingdom, a cloaked man on a horse paused to view. After the pause, the man rode on down to the kingdom with a gray cloud slowly forming in the distance…

To be continued.

This story is the property of Eric McVinney. Distribution to any unauthorized persons are prohibited.


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